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Salzman Consulting is led by Marilyn Salzman, who partners with a broad network of experience research and design experts to deliver services tailored for your unique needs.

Marilyn C. Salzman, Ph.D.


The President of Salzman Consulting, LLC, Marilyn looks to deliver customer-centered and business-savvy designs for her clients. Marilyn has over 15 years practice in user experience research and design. She is highly skilled in user-centered research, design, and data analysis techniques used throughout the product and customer lifecycles. Throughout her career, Marilyn has designed interfaces for hardware and software products, including: business applications, ecommerce, portals, the web, consumer products, mobile devices, interactive voice systems, medical products, educational technologies, and documentation.

Prior to forming Salzman Consulting, LLC, Marilyn managed the customer experience research and design team (20-30 employees and contractors) and a multi-million dollar web design program for Sun Microsystem’s corporate web properties (including sun.com, commerce, downloads, communities, partners and portals). Marilyn also has worked for companies such as Genomica, US WEST Advanced Technologies, and American Institutes for Research, where she designed and evaluated a range of online, consumer, and business products.

Marilyn has a Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors Engineering from George Mason University and a B.S. in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University.

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Network of Partners

Over the years, Marilyn has developed a network of professionals to help meet the diverse needs of our clients. This network includes experts in interaction design, user research, usability testing, web design, visual design, web development and writing for the web. Marilyn provides the management and oversight so that our clients can count on a single point of contact.